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New Stoughton Dry Van Trailers

Penn Jersey Diesel and Trailer is a Stoughton dry van dealer with over 40 years in the trailer industry.

We understand the competitive nature of the trucking industry and that having a high quality trailer is of vital importance to your success. Stoughton is known for quality and this means that you can spend more time on the road instead of waiting for repairs. That is why we are proud to carry Stoughton as our only brand of new dry vans. At Penn Jersey Diesel and Trailer, you can find a variety of new Stoughton dry vans available. The benefit of Stoughton trailers are all in the details. Along with high quality construction, these trailers also come with unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Our inventory of new Stoughton trailers includes 48’ and 53’ dry vans in several body styles. These include the z + composite trailers, tough plate trailers, aluminum sheet post vans and extra wide road trailers. In addition to Stoughton dry vans, we also have trailer chassis.

  • Z + Composite Trailers – Stoughton’s revolutionary Z-Plate® vans are made from composite laminate panels. These are unique, patented poly-laminate panels that are constructed from an epoxy coated inner and outer galvanized steel.
  • Tough Plate Trailers – Tough plate trailers have improved protection along the sides of the dry van. This allows for more protection during more rugged operations. Along with scuff protection, this feature helps reduce the risk of water entering into the trailer.
  • Trailer Chassis – Stoughton Chassis are designed with several important features. These include a box beam gooseneck design, dual web with torsion resistant cross members and high tension strap.
  • Aluminum Sheet Post & Vans – This line of trailers is created with the goal of providing the ability to haul more freight than your standard dry van trailer.
  • Extra Wide trailers – The extra wide trailers allow a maximum of 107.9 cubic feet of storage along with a width of 100¾ inches. This provides you with up to 4,036 cubic feet of space for your cargo.

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The Stoughton line of dry van trailers also offer the following features:

  • Corrosion Resistant Steel Body
  • Dual Tensioned Roof
  • High Impact Front
  • Industrial Rear
  • Reinforced Upper Coupler
  • Solid Oak Flooring
  • Super-Sill Flanges
  • Wide Slide Rail Suspension Mounts

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