Stoughton Chassis are designed with key features including box beam gooseneck design, Dual web with torsion resistant cross members and high tension strap.

From landing gear to rearward, there is truss style reinforcement.

Slide rails have an integrated 4 pin van style slider suspension providing greater alignment accuracy and ease of maintenance.



  • Base Model
    CC3GN-53T-S Container Chassis
    3-1/8″ gooseneck style, 53’, tandem, slider (for 53’ Hi-Cube Container)
  • Length
    Overall – 53’-0″
  • Width
    Overall – 96″
  • Height
    Overall – 48″
  • Capacity
    One 53’ Hi-Cube container loaded to a legal cross weight
  • Suspension
    Progressive action with two-leaf springs, slider
  • Axle
    5″ tubular beam, 1/2″ wall, 71-1/2″ track, tapered spindles, bearings
    Inner: HM218248/218210
    Outer: HM212049/212011 with Pro-Torq axle nuts
  • Brakes
    Quick changes, 16-1/2″ x 7″, extended service, 2S/1M ABS, automatic slack adjusters, and filtered air couplers, meets requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 121
  • Wheels
    As requested
  • Oil Seals
    As requested
  • Tires
    As requested
  • Landing Gear
    Two speed vertical, tubular legs with 10″ x 10″ heavy duty, low profile shoes and axles.
    Landing gear to be braced aft, inboard and between legs.
  • Main Frame
    Fabricated gooseneck I-beam, 4-1/16″ x 8″ box, 40″ outside width. Rear main beam to be 12″ at 16 lb/ft GR 50 steel rolled I-beam. 10″ deep x 7 ga. crossmembers at landing gear. 5-1/2″ deep x 10 ga crossmembers from landing gear to rear.
    Trapezoidal gussets at each crossmember. 3/8″ x 4-1/2″ tension strap at beam transition. Diagonal braces from rear bolster forward to landing gear.
  • Upper Coupler
    S.A.E. king pin, AAR rate, 36″ setting measured from rear of bolster.
    1/4″ HSLA steel plate spanning main frame and extending 16″ behind king pin.
  • Front Bolster
    Fabricated hi-tensile steel with front locking pins.
    Bolster includes recessed protection for air couplers, electrical connector and guide for container tunnel.
  • Rear Bolster
    Fabricated hi-tensile steel with cantelevered clamp-down twistlocks located for interfacing with container rear corners.
    Bolster gusseted to main frame for AAR application.
  • Electrical
    12 volt system, 7-way socket. Clearance, stop, turn, and marker lamps to be LED flange mounted.
  • Bumper
    Drop type meets DOT requirements plus (2) steel dock bumpers welded in place.
    Bolt-on drop bumper to be 22″ above ground and 88″ long.
  • Mudflaps
    24″ x 24″ rubber flap mounted on slider box.
  • Painting
    Entire frame grit-blasted, then coated with zinc rich epoxy primer oven cured.
    Top coat is black acrylic urethane enamel oven cured.